Family Service Trips

These trips are for full families (ages 8 and older) working together.  Want to learn more?  Find out what a family service trips are like.

Fathers and Kids Service Trips

These trips started as Fathers and Sons trips but have evolved into Father and Kids (ages 12 and older) because so many girls wanted to join in the fun.

Young Single Adult (YSA) Trips

These trips are designed for young single adults (ages 18-29).  Interested in finding out more?  Check out the anatomy of a typical YSA Service Trip.

We don’t have any upcoming YSA service trips right now.  Check back later, or contact us directly to set one up. (click here to see pics)

Private Service Trips

Spark of Hope Foundation will organize and run a private trip for your family or a group of friends.   Learn more about our private service trips here.

  • Private Trip #1 (27 volunteers)
    • June 10-17, 2017
  • Private Trip #2 (20 volunteers)
    • June 25-28, 2017
  • Private Trip #3 (42 volunteers)
    • July 16-19, 2017
  • Private Trip #4
    • Aug 3-5, 2017

Corporate Service Trips

Spark of Hope Foundation organizes and runs corporate service trips where hard work, shared experiences and nightly discussions build team unity like no artificial breakout session can.  Contact us directly to set one up with us.

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