The vision of Spark of Hope Foundation is to deliver hope to the people of Baja California, Mexico through hands-on service from ordinary people. Our belief is that this hope will spread throughout the barrios of Baja California and will some day relieve that area of poverty and despair.

 Family Trips

Spark of Hope Foundation takes 4 family trips each year. These trips are 4 days long and are tailored for families with children ages 8 and older. We have taken numerous trips since 2001 and have built new homes, roofed, painted, repaired homes, built latrines and improved schools and orphanages. The joy of working together as families brings strength and gratitude.


Spark of Hope Foundation corporate team building trips are a unique and effective way to build team loyalty, learn the power of working together and to build individual character in team members. This learning occurs naturally as team members work together in rebuilding a home. Teams learn far more effectively in contrast to studying concepts in a classroom environment. Spark of Hope Foundation corporate team building trips are 3 days long and are filled with authentic Mexican food, accommodations, entertainment and hard work serving those in need.

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