Spark of Hope Foundation

Spark of Hope Foundation’s purpose is to build hope on both sides of the border through simple acts of service by ordinary people.

Bringing Hope To Communities

The poorest communities (barrios) in Tijuana do not provide basic resources to children and parents that we take for granted in the neighborhoods we live in. The poor are raised to believe that their life cannot improve through action. This lack of hope in a brighter future is deeply engrained and generations old. Spark of Hope Foundation is working to deliver communities from the poverty that holds them captive and hopeless.

Hope Centers

Spark of Hope Foundation is working to build hope centers in the poorest barrios of Tijuana.  These centers will be gathering places for children and adults to spark hope for their future.  Hope that their future can improve through effort and action today; Hope that children can have a better life; Hope that life can become more than just a daily struggle to survive.  Spark of Hope Foundation Hope Centers will deliver this Hope through the following features in each community center.

Library For Children

Books to read. A librarian on staff for daily Story Time. Computers with educational software (english, math, …). Arts and crafts.

Play Ground For Children

A safe, clean place for children to play.  A clean bathroom with a toilet and sink.

Education For Single Mothers

“Amiga” classes teach women to sew and to market their products and skills. Women are taught the sewing skills and graduate with a new sewing machine, tools, fabric and a micro loan to begin their journey toward self reliance.

Our Dream

Our dream is to eradicate the poverty that holds communities captive and bring them Hope.

“I know that in this age it can sound silly to talk about dreams. ‘Dreams are unserious; dreams are sophomoric. There are urgent issues to be dealt with right now. We cannot luxuriate in your idealistic, childish dreams.’ But I don’t believe that dreams are silly.
I think that a dream taken seriously, set in space and with a goal in time is the most sophisticated thing known to humanity.
What’s silly, what’s sophomoric is to squander all of our excitement and our God given human potential on anything less than a great dream.”
<em>Dan Pallotta, American entrepreneur, author, and humanitarian activist</em>

We invite you to dream with us.
We invite you to join an army of ordinary individuals
seeking to make an extraordinary difference in eradicating hopelessness and poverty.

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