April 2012

Family Trip

Location: Past Lazaro Cardenas & Lazaro Cardenas

4 families (26 people) worked on three projects. Project 1: Finishing touches on Maria’s home built the previous November. Mudded and painted the interior, painted the exterior, and built a septic tank. Project 2: Worked on the first story of the Ortiz home. Stucco on the exterior, poured the cement roof. Extra Project: Periera family collected and distributed soccer equipment from the US to random families and passers by.

Thank you Ropers, Bairds, Wihongi, Periera, and Christensen families.

November 2011

Corporate Team Building Trip

Location: Past Lazaro Cardenas

25 volunteers from Vivint (www.vivint.com) Americas gathered in Tijuana for the first Vivint service trip. These hard working volunteers built a new home for Maria from scratch in 4 days. Vivint broke new ground in building strong sales teams by participating in a Spark of Hope Foundation service trip.

Thank you Vivint and Shawn Brenchley.

April 2011

Family Trip

Location: La Gloria

7 families (39 people) worked at the “Tribu De Jesus” (Tribe of Jesus) orphanage. Remodeled the nursery, painted murals, built shelves, leveled cement floor, sewed and hung curtains, built new walls, painted the bases of the palm trees, built a new roof and filled in a cavern at the boys ranch, and built and painted wooden toy cars with the Children. Eagle Project: Drake Roskelley collected and delivered several hundred pounds of food and supplies for the Tribu De Jesus orphanage.

Thank you Wihongi, Roskelley, Bloomfield, Taylor, Roper, McKinnon, and Christensen families.

July 2010

Youth Summer Camp

Location: Laureles

LDS Priest Quorum from Sandy Utah (28 people) worked on Elliovette’s home. Second story framed, sheathed, roofed and wired, expansion for new bathroom with toilet and shower, insulation in the attic, and a new outdoor latrine for a neighbor.

Thank you Sandy Ward and Rob Thomas.

April 2010

Family Trip

Location: Colonia el Olivo “Dolfino”

8 families (33 people) worked on a community school in Dolfino barrio. Painted beautiful murals and floors, plumbed for toilets, sinks and showers, poured cement pad, framed, sided and roofed a 3 toilet/2 shower building, landscaped a pathway to the front door, set pylons for a future home, and installed a chain link fence. Eagle Project: Mitchell Christensen made soccer goals and soccer field, built a swing set and picnic table.

Thank you Judd, Roper, Johnson, Briggs, McKinnon, Schulthess, Lloyd, and Christensen families.

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